Keep it Simple, Keep it Safe… {Seattle, WA Newborn Photographer}

With as popular and complicated as newborn photography has become, it has brought me to a place of re-evaluating my work and re-defining what I truly love from my sessions. There is a LOT of commotion these days regarding newborn photography on Forums, Websites, Blogs, Facebook Groups, etc. that it has caused me to want to run the other direction and completely change what I am doing. So, for the first time, in my 5-year career as a photographer, I pulled every single newborn portrait I had ever taken and began critically evaluating my work. What I quickly recognize was the images that I loved and drawn to from my portfolio were “simple.”

I quote “simple” because even these shots take patience and time to set up… However, they aren’t overly complicated with props or poses.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love props just as much as the next newborn photographer and drool over photographers such as Milk and Honey Photography and Baby As Art because they do it so well. Nor will I completely get rid of props… But what I have recognized in myself is that the images that I love, and stare at, and drool over (not literally :) ) are the images that are simple.

Keeping things simple also allow for complete safety. There aren’t any rickety props that I need to worry about… No difficult poses that need heavy post production etc… Keeping things simple also allows for more parental contact with their sweet little one and capturing precious moments.

This past month I have been working on a personal project with my newborn sessions… I have been working up new concepts for myself in creating more parental contact and simplifying my newborn sessions in EVERY aspect. I have been reminding myself constantly before each session to KEEP IT SIMPLE… And trust me, this is VERY difficult for me to do.

I write all of this to say, if you are new to newborn photography, PLEASE KNOW, you don’t have to use complicated posing and props to produce beautiful images.¬†Capture the beauty of connection. The simplicity of details. The creation of love.

Most importantly: Keep it Simple… Keep it Safe.

‚ÄúSimplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ~ Leonardo de Vinci



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