Safety Tips for Newborn & Babes {Before & Afters}

It should be obvious by now that I am a huge advocate for baby safety. I want every photographer that has a passion to photograph these sweet babes to execute every session with the utmost safety and learn techniques that help them do so. So, what better way than with a few Before & Afters.

I posted the first image on Facebooka few days ago and loved reading all of the “ahh-haa!” comments from fellow photographers.

The Before shot is a quick pullback so I could show all of you how the shot was executed. With baby comfortably on my large newborn ottoman, I had Dad come and place his arm under baby as shown. While actually taking the shot I was standing up over baby to get an angle that would feel as if baby was actually resting on his Daddy’s arm. (For those of you wondering about baby’s leg, the cast is helping correct a club foot.)

Once in post production, I opened the image in Photoshop CS5, selected everything but the baby and painted the background black using the paintbrush tool. The edit took less than 5 minutes.

This shot also took less than a few minutes to set up and shoot. It gave me the look that I wanted while keeping baby completely safe.

I absolutely love photographing these sweet babes as they grow up and using the similar setups that I did when they were newborns to show how much they have grown.

Below are a few Before & Afters, which show how I execute some of these shots. Safety doesn’t┬ástop with newborns… It must continue on while photographing these sweet babes. ANY time I have a baby on a prop, mom or dad are right there next to them, even if I have to edit their body out of my shot in post production later. Keeping their sweet little one safe is MORE important to me than the amount of time it takes to edit later on.

Note to parents: If you are ever at a shoot and feel that the photographer is being unsafe, it is OKAY to speak up.

With every session that I do I want to show the parents of these sweet little ones that I am keeping their child’s safety #1 with every pose and setup that I do. By keeping things simple I am able to keep things safe.

I hope these images help inspire you to create images safely for your sweet little clients!

Happy Shootings!

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