Newborn Client Guide Template

When I first started out as a newborn photographer I found my email inbox flooded with questions about upcoming newborn sessions, and I quickly learned that I had failed to communicate to my client’s the details of their upcoming session. I quickly created a 1-page What to Expect document that answered a few questions, but lacked the excitement I wanted to portray to my clients about their upcoming newborn session. Thus the creation of my current Newborn Session – Client Guide.

I absolutely LOVE this client guide because it allows me to display lots of images to help excite my clients. It also answer the majority of their questions from Props Safety, Length of Session, What to Wear for Parents, Siblings, and Baby, to how to go about scheduling their newborn session once baby has arrived.

This 10 page Client Guide is saved as a PDF that I send to my clients after they have booked their session with me. I have kept it simple so to not overwhelm them, yet still answering all of the questions they still have.

Taking great photos and producing a wonderful end product is one thing. Being a good communicator and providing your clients with information to help them feel comfortable and at ease about their upcoming newborn is the icing on the cake.

Help your clients arrive at their newborn session knowing what to expect and feeling at ease with this Newborn Session – Client Guide. CLICK HERE to purchase your copy of this template and customize it to your liking!







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