One Pose | Many Options

When I first began shooting as a newborn photographer I wasted so many great opportunities during sessions. I thought I needed to have 10 different poses and set ups and missed wonderful moments. Now that I understand posingĀ I am able to have several different set ups and poses, but when I first began and I was still learning different poses, I wish I would have slowed down and taken advantage of the poses I did know how to do and capture many different angles.

One of the reasons it is important to do this is because it can later create a beautiful wall collage for clients in their homes. It becomes more of a collection piece and is visually beautiful when hung together. It also forces you to slow down and capture angles that might surprise you in being absolutely beautiful and stunning.

This is the one thing I wish someone would have told me when I first began photographing newborns 5 years ago… SLOW DOWN and LOOK.

Happy Shooting! ~ Michelle






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